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What do you think about what @McConaughey is saying here?

Watch the full clip for more context here:
or listen to the rest of the podcast on @hearluminary

Replying to @r_daza: "Let's get aggressively centric"... I like that.

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"Let's get aggressively centric"... I like that.

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@rustyrockets have you considered a remake of the movie Still Crazy? You'd be a great front man for Strange Fruit.

No more remakes! Okay, Death On The Nile. Then no more remakes!

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@rustyrockets would love to hear your thoughts on maradona's passing away Russ. Fascinating how he as an icon, transcended nation/race identity

Here you are

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By people we love and trust.

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@rustyrockets Russell, very few instructors will modify a class to include an overweight person. It’s more of an exercise in frustration and humiliation. 😥

I know LOTS of teachers that would and LOTS of ‘overweight, people that practice. Please don’t be ashamed. You’re great!

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@rustyrockets I used to do yoga and it made me feel good. Now I don't, and I feel less good. Why do we stop doing the things that make you feel better?!

Discipline. I’m the same. We gotta stay in the positive habits - maybe by surrendering our will and doing what we are told.

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@rustyrockets Yet you are dressed for inclement weather...frolic nude I say...

I must work on my frolicking. Otherwise what’s the point?

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@rustyrockets I’m self-destructive. I know a lot about what would make my health and mind better, but can get it started.

Start small. Keep it in the day. Get support from a group. It’s easier together.

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@rustyrockets What system are you proposing to take its place?

I don’t think there will be one. It’s the end of globalisation. Which I believe to be a big part of the problem. Local democracy, anarcho-syndicalism - have a read and you tell me what you think will work.

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We colour code now. Like Bros.

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Replying to @rustyrockets: Looking back at where it began...

The full-length video:

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Replying to @MahaMakhdum: Much needed words for a cold Sunday.

#RussellBrand #WordsOfWisdom

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Looking back at where it began...

The full-length video:

Much needed words for a cold Sunday.

#RussellBrand #WordsOfWisdom

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You may have seen a lot of this beautiful man, @McConaughey, lately - but this interview is special - funny, charming and profound.
You can listen to it right now on @hearluminary

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