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As President Biden spent his first full day in office issuing executive actions aimed at containing the coronavirus, his administration scrambled to get a handle on a key unanswered question: How much vaccine is actually available?

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President Biden's expected nomination of a former Obama Treasury Department official to regulate national banks is triggering fierce opposition from progressive activists, who say the president's choice is too closely tied to the finance industry

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A group of Senate Democrats filed an ethics complaint today against GOP Sens. Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz, over their Jan. 6 efforts to object to the 2020 presidential election results

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Donald Trump appears to be finally getting serious about his upcoming impeachment trial.

The former president has hired Butch Bowers, a longtime Republican attorney with experience in election law, to represent him

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Former President Donald Trump’s supporters are mobilizing to exact revenge on the 10 House Republicans who supported impeachment last week, thrusting the GOP into a civil war just as party leaders are trying to move on from the Trump era

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In the latest episode of Punchlines, @wuerkers talks to @Ali_Lev
on what public remarks during the Biden administration will be like, and how they are likely to contrast with the off-the-cuff style of the Trump White House

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Liz Cheney was once considered the future of the Republican Party. Now the highest-ranking woman in the House GOP is fighting to keep her political career alive after voting to impeach Donald Trump last week

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VP Kamala Harris and Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff will stay at Blair House while repairs at Naval Observatory are underway.

Blair House, a 19th-century row house located just steps from the White House, serves as the president's guest house

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Senate Republicans are coalescing around a long-shot bid to dismiss the impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump before it even begins.

They're relying on a disputed legal argument that says putting an ex-president on trial is unconstitutional

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Most of the Biden campaign’s senior advisers are now in the White House.

But not Greg Schultz, who is the most senior campaign aide to not be joining the Biden administration

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“Yesterday dozens of senators and congressmen walked down our lines taking photos, shaking our hands and thanking us for our service. Within 24 hours, they had no further use for us and banished us to the corner of a parking garage ...” one Guardsman said

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Thousands of National Guardsmen were forced to vacate congressional grounds today and are now taking their rest breaks outside and in nearby parking garages, after two weeks of sleepless nights protecting the nation’s capital

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New variants of the coronavirus may make vaccines less effective against the disease, making it even more urgent to quickly inoculate the country and beat back the pandemic, Dr. Fauci said today

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Opinion: At a time when large portions of the country think mainstream media is a tool of the left, perhaps it’s time to tone down the Biden adulation

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As Donald Trump’s more extremist followers cling to his bogus claims of a stolen election, they risk creating a legacy that will divide the country long after the man himself leaves the stage

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Big-city mayors across the country are begging for more authority to address Covid-19 and other pressing issues. We spoke to four of them.

Here's what they had to say:

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One year ago today, the CDC confirmed the first U.S. Covid-19 case. Since then, the virus has killed more than 405,000 people.

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Pete Buttigieg fielded wonky policy questions from the Senate Commerce Committee during his confirmation hearing for Transportation Secretary

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Adam Schiff’s top legal adviser is joining President Biden’s National Security Council as its senior director for intelligence, a key role that serves as the day-to-day connective tissue between the intelligence community and the White House

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