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TODAY, we're getting some more clarity about how President JOE BIDEN’S team sees the coronavirus situation — and the challenges. He’s focusing his first full day in office on the pandemic. The latest in Playbook PM:

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“One word to describe myself? Nosy.” Get to know new Playbook author @EugeneDaniels2:

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We’ve heard from multiple Hill sources that lawmakers have privately discussed the possibility of a three-day impeachment trial for Trump, which would be the fastest of any such procedure for a president.

Details in Playbook:

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The Democratic takeover of the White House and Congress is complete. But what to do with it is an open question.

@adriennehurst with today’s Audio Briefing:

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The lack of preparation is now causing confusion among congressional Democrats about how they should exercise their newfound power.

The latest in Playbook:

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Welcome to the JOE BIDEN presidency. “Democracy has prevailed,” he declared at the open of his inaugural address. The latest from the historic inauguration in Playbook PM:

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Meet new Playbook author @rachaelmbade! She dishes on how you might be able to spot her ballet background in the halls of Congress, the Democrats’ 2021 factions – and much more:

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TRUMP’S first day in Palm Beach: A senior county official tells us he expects fireworks at a town council meeting Thursday over how long the soon-to-be-ex president can stay at Mar-a-Lago.

More details in Playbook:

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MITCH MCCONNELL’S demand that CHUCK SCHUMER promise to protect the filibuster has possibly created a serious roadblock for the Biden agenda.

But Schumer, we predict, won’t go there. Find out why in Playbook:

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Joe Biden officially becomes president today. He’ll issue a flurry of executive orders. But he’s also inheriting a mess, including a Schumer-McConnell standoff.

@adriennehurst has today’s Audio Briefing:

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JOE BIDEN needs some wins — quickly — to establish that the experience and know-how he touted as a candidate can actually produce something tangible.

The latest in Playbook:

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MITCH MCCONNELL is drawing a clear line between the Republican Party and DONALD TRUMP, in what may be his last chance for a divorce.

The latest in Playbook PM:

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What’s the vulgarity TRUMP has been using lately for KEVIN MCCARTHY? We did some sleuthing. Find out in Playbook:

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SEAN SPICER, Trump’s first press secretary and host of Newsmax’s “Spicer & Co.,” has applied to be … a member of the White House Correspondents’ Association.

The latest in Playbook:

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TRUMP’S LAST CROWD: All eyes are on who shows up — and how many — for Trump’s final lift-off ceremony on Wednesday morning.

Read more in Playbook:

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Meet @RyanLizza, one of our new Playbook authors!

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Chief Justice JOHN ROBERTS is looking to avoid presiding over impeachment proceedings. New details in Playbook:

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Replying to @politico: Today is Trump’s last full day in office. His final Gallup job approval rating is 34%, the lowest of his term. Tomorrow he re…

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Today is Trump’s last full day in office. His final Gallup job approval rating is 34%, the lowest of his term. Tomorrow he retreats to FL, the Senate prepares an impeachment trial, and Biden will be inaugurated.

Welcome to a new Playbook for a new era 👇

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