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Pater Familius (founder and president) of, a company focused on helping families be happy. Always on the lookout for book ideas to publish.


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For all of us who can play the saw. A beautiful instrument often misused to cut wood.

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If you receive a Messenger video from me do not open. My messenger account was hacked.

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And Elder Joshua Robbins is on his way to Brazil. Michele Lynne Robbins and I have gone from nine kids at home to four. We don’t know what to do with ourselves. It’s like nobody’s home.

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Love to see any family and friends at Taylor Robbins cello recital this coming Friday. 6:00 pm at the Noorda recital hall at UVU.

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It’s a good morning.

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Michele Lynne Robbins and I are having a fantastic time celebrating 29 years of marriage and visiting our son Konnor Robbins and Sarah in San Antonio where I served my mission over thirty years ago.

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Ending our vacation with two days in Bryce National Park.

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Got up this morning, fly fished and caught this grayling. Went down the Alpine Slide at lunch with the fam. Kissed my wife Michele. Jumped out of an airplane to skydive this evening. Aged thirty years in one day. A full day.

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Fly fishing with Sarah. Love that she loves the outdoors!

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I'm developing a new series of books for states based on our very successful 100 First Words for Little Geeks, Geniuses, and Artists series. Give me your most unique words you think every Utah toddler...

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Made it to Rome and visiting the newly dedicated Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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Michele Lynne Robbins and I are excited to see this new Rome temple this April.

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A walk in the woods on a snowy day.

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Happy birthday, Chele Belly!

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Ten days until our first child is married. Is he ready? Did we teach him enough? Will he be a great husband and father? Will he guide his family on the covenant path? I am confident that we did and that he will.

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Merry Christmas from San Diego. The Robbins family is grateful for all our friends and family.

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