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French referee Stephanie Frappart made history on Wednesday night when she became the first female to referee a men's UEFA Champions League match

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Politicians from various Western countries have asked consumers to buy Australian wine in order to fight back against China's punitive tariffs on the beverage

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Pain is essential for survival. Skin is constantly monitoring for it and can trigger pain-avoiding actions automatically through reflexes.

Researchers have created an artificial skin that mimics this mechanism and reacts to pain stimuli.

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A number of associates have appealed to Trump in recent days in hopes of obtaining pardons before he leaves office. While some face imminent legal threats, others are staring down potential legal headaches that a presidential pardon likely won't alleviate.

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The parents of 628 migrant children separated from their families due to Trump administration policies at the US-Mexico border between 2017 and 2018 have still not been located, according to a court filing

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US President Trump is frustrated with Attorney General William Barr after his comments to The Associated Press breaking from the President's false claims of fraud in the election, sources say

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A United Nations commission has voted to remove cannabis from a list that categorized it as one of the most dangerous drugs — a move that recognizes the plant as having medicinal value

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The United States has surpassed 100,000 current Covid-19 hospitalizations, setting a new record high since the pandemic began, according to the Covid Tracking Project

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Rafer Johnson, who ended his famed track and field career with an exciting win in the 1960 Olympic decathlon, died Tuesday in Los Angeles, according to UCLA and USA Track & Field. He was 86.

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The Trump administration has announced that it will block imports of cotton, reportedly produced with forced labor, from China's western Xinjiang region

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The San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted 10-1 Tuesday to ban smoking tobacco in apartments, but made an exception for cannabis

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"A psychologist told my parents I had a low IQ because I was born with Down syndrome. Seven years later, I graduated high school as class valedictorian." Brina Maxino writes about helping children with disabilities fulfill their potential. | @CNNOpinion

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A spate of high-profile, brutal police killings have horrified Indian society, igniting a discussion about police brutality — and the uncomfortable relationship between society's tolerance for that violence and the issue of caste

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Ivanka Trump, US President Trump's daughter and adviser, sat for a deposition with investigators from the Washington, DC, attorney general's office as part of its lawsuit alleging the misuse of inaugural funds, according to a court filing

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The man who was found clinging to his capsized boat off the coast of Florida is safely back on shore with a story to tell

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Former US President Barack Obama said he "absolutely" plans on getting a Covid-19 vaccine when it's available and added that he may end up taking it on video to promote public confidence

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A motorist in Washington was pulled over after police noticed the headlights on his car had been replaced by flashlights

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Apple and Google released their lists of the best apps of 2020 this week. They are stark reminders of the crucial role tech has played in helping us adapt to living, working, celebrating, exercising and doing pretty much everything else from home this year

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The most complete Neanderthal skeleton ever discovered has remained hidden at the bottom of a sinkhole in southern Italy. Its inaccessible location has made research extremely difficult, but scientists have published an initial study of the man's jaw.

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The US is temporarily withdrawing some staff from the US Embassy in Baghdad amid concerns of retaliation around the anniversary of the death of a powerful Iranian military commander, sources say

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