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Til ladoos, pongal and pitha for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Yes, please. Happy Makar Sankranti, Pongal, Magh Bihu, Bhogi and Uttarayan. Show us what’s on your plate.

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Quoted @jasminbhasin

This is the most asked question & I’m here to address it. If the makers would call me back, I would go back for you guys. As I can see how heartbroken you all are by my exit. So yes I would, just for my fans.

#BiggBoss14 beloved @jasminbhasin is dishing on all your questions, including her 🥰 connection with @AlyGoni #AskJasmin

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Quoted @MalavikaM_

Hi guys! Surprise surprise!☺️ let’s do a quick round of #AskMalavika !
Been getting sooo many messages, questions, love and excitement for #Master! Time to give some love back!🤗🥰♥️

The wait for #MasterFilm is almost over. Get in your burning questions with @MalavikaM_ before the film’s release this week.

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Happy New Year to @actorvijay and Master fans only. Tweet #MasterFilm, #MasterPongal, #மாஸ்டர், #మాస్టర్, #VijayTheMaster to unlock a special emoji!

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New Year, new vibes. #Welcome2021

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See you in two days, 2021.

Side note: This time round, feels like the new year needs resolutions more than us.

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Walking into the last week of 2020 like ______ *drop emoji below*

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We wish you a merry Christmas! 🎶

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Quoted @Abijeet

Hello all, very much delighted with the support i got from you. let's connect today at 5 PM for a Q and A session. Tweet your questions with hashtag #AskBBTAbijeet and will try to reply as many as possible. Waiting for you ❤️

#BBTeluguGrandFinale #BiggBossTelugu4 @StarMaa

You rooted for #BiggBossTelugu4 winner @Abijeet in the house, now send him your love and questions directly, #OnlyOnTwitter, #AskBBTAbijeet.

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Quoted @KeralaBlasters

Let us know who gets your vote for the Player of the Match for #KBFCSCEB ⤵️


#LetsFootball: Pssst! *YOU* get to pick the Man of the Match, that’s right, #OnlyOnTwitter. Hurry, vote now👇

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Followed the #ISL Twitter Topic? No? Go on, what are you waiting for? #LetsFootball.

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Beep! You've received a voice Tweet invite from @iamnagarjuna

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Quoted @StarMaa

You are invited to Make it BIGG!
Bigg Boss Telugu Grand Finale Watch Party!

Tweet using #BBTeluguGrandFinale

పార్టీ కి వస్తున్నారా మరి ? #BBTeluguGrandFinale

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Closer to home, @realhimanshi, @MusicThaman and @ArmaanMalik22 topped conversation charts this year on the service.

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.@justinbieber, @taylorswit13 and @selenagomez were other global artists who led music conversations in the country.

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🎶 #ThisHappened2020: Global and Indian musicians took centerstage on Twitter 🎶

.@BTS_twt continued to rule #KpopTwitter along with @weareoneEXO and @BLACKPINK.

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Quoted @mehtahansal

Hello Shreya, Hello Pratik. Want to begin with a proclamation and a question. Do you know that I love both of you to bits? And how incredibly proud I am of you both?

Something in our eye 🤧 #AskShreyaAndPratik #HaveYouFollowed

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Quoted @mehtahansal

So #HaveYouFollowed @shreya_dhan13 and @pratikg80?
You should - they’re headed for big things! I’ll be in conversation with them tomorrow starting 10.30AM. Send me your questions for them using #AskShreyaAndPratik

10.30AM tomorrow: Tune in as filmmaker @mehtahansal talks to the actors about their journey to the limelight, their time together on Scam 1992 and what's in store for them in the new year. #AskShreyaAndPratik

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