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Angela Merkel's CDU party is choosing a new leader. Whoever wins might become Germany's next chancellor

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Ahead of the inauguration, Major Biden, the soon-to-be first pet, will be "indogurated" courtesy of the Delaware Humane Association — the shelter President-elect Joe Biden got him from.

Read more about TIME's first-ever Pet of the Year—rescue animals:

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Review: NBC’s "Mr. Mayor" is a fascinating mix of Ted Danson’s charm and Tina Fey’s pith

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"It's part of our identity." Meet some of the artists recreating Lotería, the iconic Mexican game of bingo

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Tourists are returning to Cancún. But workers' fears about COVID-19 never went away

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Why Africa’s COVID-19 outbreak hasn’t been as bad as everyone feared

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Introducing TIME's COVID-19 vaccine tracker: A guide to the coronavirus vaccination rollout and what you need to know about the authorized vaccines

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Here are the 58 most-anticipated TV shows of 2021

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"'Sex and the City' is nothing without Samantha Jones," writes @judyberman

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There’s no one way to achieve a goal. But these strategies will help you stay the course

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Review: "WandaVision" deserves the hype. But it penalizes casual Marvel viewers with confusion

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What to know about Britney Spears, her conservatorship and the #FreeBritney movement

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"Movies about tough subjects don’t need to be torture, and if 'Pieces of a Woman' proves anything, it’s that too much is sometimes also not enough," writes @szacharek

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Inauguration Day is a crucial moment in American democracy, a celebration of the peaceful transfer of power even in the most divided of times.

It has also been, over the years, the occasion for plenty else

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How a refugee revisited his birth village during the pandemic – after 73 years away

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When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, fertility clinics expected a downturn. But data collected by TIME show that more women are freezing their eggs now

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How America's "first female cryptanalyst" cracked the code of Nazi spies in World War II—and never lived to see the credit

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“What does brain flexibility and rapid cortical takeover have to do with dreaming? Perhaps more than previously thought,” write @davideagleman and Don Vaughn

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TIME's new global cover: Inside the vaccine revolution

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