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Did you know: Sharks are like the immune system of the ocean? Here's why protecting them is vital to protecting our planet:

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Here's how sea cucumbers work to keep our oceans clean and stave off climate change-related acidification ... with their butts:

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Ice ... in the desert?!? Yes! Here’s how — and why — these towers are made:

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Inspired by plastic-polluted waters, this young inventor created a solution that could help clean our oceans *and* alleviate our collective “plastic debt":

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Take a look at this gorgeous, out-of-this world jellyfish — and learn how climate change is affecting the uncharted place where they and countless sea creatures live:

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Your bottles might not be ending up where you think...

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Chemical runoff from industrial activity is making it hard for fish to get it on. 🙊 Here's why this is a human problem too:

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Here's how the foods of our past could hold the answers to building a healthier future:

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These artists are using their talents to paint a devastating picture of the effects of climate change ... and our future if we don't take action:

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Here's the story of how 1 book changed the course of environmentalism forever:

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What do a window, a table top and a chandelier have in common? They can all be made into vessels to produce solar power, and designer @marjanvanaubel shows how:

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Your favorite cut of 🥩🍖 could come from a lab instead of a farm in the future. Here's how this could help the planet:

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Overfishing is harming our oceans. These innovative marine farms could help alleviate the stress — and make marine farming more sustainable:

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A shorter workweek could help us consume less, which is better for the Earth — and our pockets!

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These fun facts about flies will help you look at these pesky insects differently:

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In a future shaped by climate change, water insecurity will be a big issue. Here's how we can take action now:

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Plankton aren't just 🐋 food. They actually produce 2/3s of the world's oxygen ... and they need our help.

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This self-sustaining moss can hibernate, withstand Arctic temperatures *and* make its own antifreeze!

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Replying to @TEDTalks: "We will have to take it one step at a time: Help the weak, persuade those in doubt, imagine new solutions and commit to carr…

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"We will have to take it one step at a time: Help the weak, persuade those in doubt, imagine new solutions and commit to carry them out." — His Holiness Pope Francis (@Pontifex)

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