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That pudding bar looked delish. Gonna go try to find some. See ya next week! #ZoeysPlaylist

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I love Mo and @thealexnewell so much

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Fun fact! When there's dialogue during a performance and we're still on camera, we have to just silently keep jamming. 🕺 @thealexnewell #BTS #ZoeysPlaylist

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RT if you would die to have @thealexnewell as your karaoke partner cause big SAME. #ZoeysPlaylist

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Beyoncé is Beyoncé #ZoeysPlaylist

That speech was epic!

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Look at my man @stewart_iii out here absolutely getting it to @lizzo! #ZoeysPlaylist

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Get up and groove to @leedsandrew's performance of "I Want To Break Free" by @queenwillrock! 🕺 #ZoeysPlaylist

This was incredible! @LeedsAndrew

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Oh my god Andrew Leeds singing Queen in a courtroom was fantastic!!

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Also what’s wrong with Cambria?

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I take my non-feather-related work very seriously. 🪶  #ZoeysPlaylist

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No time for high fives  #ZoeysPlaylist starts right now on @nbc!

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2 hours from a new episode of #ZoeysPlaylist. Here’s something fun in the meantime: The "@ZoeysPlaylist" Cast Finds Out Which Characters They... via @BuzzFeed

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Are you more like Zoey or Mo?

Found out who WE all got here! #ZoeysPlaylist

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These geniuses have now created 100 dance numbers for the show! And every number has its own original conceit behind it. Their energy, positivity, creativity and passion knows no bounds. I am honored to be their partner. @nopenother @Jilly_Meyers @JAMortensen #ZoeysPlaylist

Most shows take years to get to 100 songs. We did it in 19 episodes. And counting!!!

Congrats to the joyful, hard work put in by @nopenother @Jilly_Meyers and @JAMortensen to bring these @ZoeysPlaylist dance numbers to life!!

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Gotta give thanks to @BigmonkBradley @TerryGuerin and Jim Davis who introduced me to new theatre and music in middle/high school that challenged and inspired me, and encouraged me to create things on my own too.

I nom @shainataub @SkylarAstin

For my theater honor challenge, I choose my first director ever @TimiTheatrics . He taught me how to walk/talk like a character, and made such an impact on my life. Tim continues to inspire young artists through @iTheatrics ! I nom @kathryng and @douglaspeck

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Excited for @peacockTV to become the new home of @WWENetwork in the U.S., helping to bring premium @WWE content (including @WrestleMania!!!) to a much broader audience and to provide the @WWEUniverse with a wide offering of live sports, news, film & TV!

Welcome to the family!!

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NBCU’s Peacock Pins WWE Network Exclusive U.S. Streaming Rights

This is such huge news!! Excited to share the grandest stage of them all with @WWE . @peacockTV is now a streaming service where you can enjoy @Trolls #Trollstopia , @ZoeysPlaylist , and #Wrestlemania among other things! Pumped!!

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"If we both force this thing to happen before you're ready, then we'll destroy it before it's even begun."

So what happens now??
See you Tuesday...

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A live-action ‘HERCULES’ remake is in development at Disney. (Source: )


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