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A few dating combinations with the same cumulative effect as having one male romantic partner.

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“The beautiful / the only imperative. You signal for sex then death. Is that it?” A poem by L. S. Klatt.

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“But now your body is fallen in pieces around you. / Help me find a leaf for you to lie on, another / to cover you.” A poem by Jean Valentine.

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“No more pregame or postgame hugs. If players wish to greet one another, they can blow a kiss, as long as the intended recipient agrees to catch it.”

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Place names can be damning evidence of colonial history. On a map of Australia, you’ll see Murderers Flat, Massacre Inlet, Haunted Creek, and Slaughterhouse Gully.

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From 2017: How Ivanka and Donald Trump, Jr., came close to being charged with felony fraud.

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For all the rousing joy of the political transition, our democracy remains deeply imperilled, @wrightr writes.

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First detected in the south of England in late September, the new COVID-19 variant is between 30 and 50 per cent more transmissible than previous forms, scientists estimate. Its rise has been startling.

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Beckett’s classic, updated for the pandemic age.

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“I do not recall any case where this huge amount of criminal-infrastructure data was gathered,” said one of the German officers charged with analyzing the contents of the dark-Web host CyberBunker servers.

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“He knew he had to keep the team together for Georgia,” a former Trump Administration official close to McConnell’s circle told @JaneMayerNYer. “For him, being Majority Leader was the whole ballgame.”

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“Were they happy? Yes, of course. They were at least as happy as everybody else.” A short story by Allegra Goodman.

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As tuberculosis shaped modernism, so COVID-19 and our collective experience of staying inside for months on end will influence architecture’s near future.

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Most of the English-speaking world finds the diaeresis inessential. Even Fowler, of Fowler’s “Modern English Usage,” says that the diaeresis “is in English an obsolescent symbol.” But here, at The New Yorker, it persists.

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Replying to @JonathanBlitzer: Former Senate staffer to ⁦@JaneMayerNYer:⁩ “You need to marry the 40% that’s the Trump base w the 10% that’s the estab…

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Andrew Yang ran for President as a nobody. Now he is running for mayor as a celebrity—but his entry into the race has been bumpy, @EricLach writes.

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Documenting and debunking fake stories of military service has become easier as more of our lives have moved online. @rachmonroe on military imposters and the people who track them down.

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“My parents remain poor and undocumented,” Karla Cornejo Villavicencio writes. “I cannot protect them with prizes or grades. My father sobbed when I handed him my diploma, but it was not the piece of paper that would make it all better.”

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Former Senate staffer to ⁦@JaneMayerNYer:⁩ “You need to marry the 40% that’s the Trump base w the 10% that’s the establishment. McConnell is like a cartoon character striding aside a crack that’s getting wider as the two plates drift farther apart.”

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