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don’t waste your time looking at this account lol

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A question for homosexuals

How do you guys find homes so hot?

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Joe mama is now president 😎

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Oh boy

Idk what to tweet lol

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Still Can’t believe that there was people rioting at the U.S capital

I wonder what does George Washington thinks about this 🤔

He probably regrets being the first president of this shit hole of a country lol

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Lol Trump supporters are going crazy rn

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Kpop stans in Twitter are annoying.

that is all I have to say

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No lives matter.

That’s all I gotta say lol

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Man life can be boring right? Here’s a meme

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Lol everyone has a New Years resolution while I don’t have one 😎

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Happy new year lol

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joking lol

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2021 is almost here

I hope you guys have a better year


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I’m gonna test if Twitter lets you have an opinion

I think...

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Should @CrankGameplays dress up as a anime girl


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This is the exact same thing that happened with me in watch dogs 2 😐

With that one mission where you have to connect some stuff in a time limit

God I hate time limits, whoever had the idea to make them in video games they can go to hell.

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And then after the guy is done, we have to escape, and the guy was following me but wasn’t doing anything, if it was my teammates while I was fighting staying in one place they would fight also.

Welp, I was looking forward to beating the game but with missions like this? Nope.

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this one mission in Ghost recon wildlands that makes me want to punch a wall

So at first you’re supposed to meet with a guy by sneak in a building without kill ANYONE and don’t be detected.

And then after you meet him then suddenly you have to kill the unidads with no support

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