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Mesut Özil

Football player @fenerbahce ⚽️ | Co-Founder @UnityPerform 🌱 | 🎮 @m10esports

Turkey, Istanbul

Joined on 22 March, 2012

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Tesekkürler Fatih & Masor Murat 💛💙

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Individual training done✔️@Fenerbahce

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Quoted @ElNennY

I will just leave this here bro 😁@MesutOzil1088

Thanks for this great assist my brother😁 I'll miss you ...❤️ @ElNennY

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Quoted @BWashford

My bro, you were with me through the tough times. You helped me more than anyone could, I will be happy to see you back on the pitch doing what you do best but I will also miss you very much. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me and Arsenal I have much love for this guy ❤️

Brendan - it was a pleasure getting to know you and hosting you at my Arsenal games 🙌🏼 We’ll keep in touch and look forward to seeing you again soon 🙏🏼 All the best to you and your family my friend.

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Quoted @HectorBellerin

Always hard to see top players leave our dressing room. It’s been a pleasure to share so many good memories with you. Wish you all the best @MesutOzil1088!

Thanks @HectorBellerin! ❤️🙏🏼 Take care & stay safe my friend!

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Quoted @MustafiOfficial

Bro, you have been the most unselfish player on and off the pitch, I have ever shared the dressing room with. You will be always remembered as the #AssistKing. Unfortunately we as a team haven’t been able to assist you when you needed us the most. All the best ❤️ #SM20

Thank you my brother! 🤲🏼 Take care and all the best to you and your family! ❤️👐🏼❤️ @MustafiOfficial

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Quoted @LacazetteAlex

Mr Assist, it’s been a pleasure to play with you and especially to score your last assist at Arsenal. Good luck at your new club, they’re lucky to have a No10 like you ♣️〽️❤️ #M1Ö

Thanks Bro🙌🏼All the best for u as well!❤️

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Yeni Görev 💛💙 Yeni Hedefler, Tam Motivasyon. 🚀💯 ||
New job. 💛💙 New challenges. Full motivation. 🚀💯

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Teşekkürler 🙏🏼💛💙

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Quoted @Fenerbahce

Rüya gerçek oldu: Mesut Özil Fenerbahçemizde! 🔥



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... moments I'll never forget ❤️ #YaGunnersYa

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Thank you, Gooners! ❤ #YaGunnersYa

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Thank you, Gunners! ❤️ #YaGunnersYa

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No matter where you are, don't forget God is always there for you. 🤲🏼 #JummaMubarak #HayirliCumalar

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Kendisiyle en son görüşmemizde Mustafa Bey, bir gün beni Fenerbahçe formasıyla görmeyi çok istediğini söylemişti. Bugün kendisinin de aramızda olabilmesini çok isterdim.
Vefatının 5. yılında kendisini rahmetle anıyorum. Ruhu şad, mekanı cennet olsun inşaallah.🤲🏼

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Geçmiş olsun Abdülkadir Ömür! 🙏🏼🤲🏼 Daha güçlü döneceksin. 💯👊🏼

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Touchdown in Istanbul... 🛬🇹🇷💛💙 #tb

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