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Maison Valentino was founded in 1960 by Valentino Garavani & Giancarlo Giammetti. The Creative Direction as of July 7th 2016 was appointed to Pierpaolo Piccioli


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#ValentinoHauteCouture #CodeTemporal
The process of Couture is reinterpreted through machine learning algorithms, then edited in a digital experience made in collaboration with Robert Del Naja. Tune in to watch on Tuesday, January 26th at 3:00PM CET, on .

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Words to live by, brought to you thanks to @wnrstweets for #WNRSxValentino.

Discover the collaboration and play the game by visiting

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Take your time, it'll work out better in the end.

For #WNRSxValentino, @wnrstweets founder Koreen offers a chance to delve deeper into connections not only to others, but also to oneself. Visit for a preview of the new collaboration card game.

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Who makes you feel your best? In celebration of #WNRSxValentino, tag your most precious friend or loved one to say thank you.

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A gentle reminder from #WNRSxValentino. Do you agree?

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What have you overcome recently?

With emotionality at its core, the new #WNRSxValentino card game is a deep-dive into introspection. Discover the game - made to be played with friends, family, lovers, or someone you've just met - by visiting


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Take a look around. Check in with yourself.

For an all-new collaboration with @wnrstweets, Valentino focuses on its core value of empathy, encouraging conversation and emotional connection.

Do you compare yourself to others?

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In celebration of our new collaboration card game with @wnrstweets, Valentino wants to know… what have you witnessed recently that has given you hope for humanity?


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Don’t ignore the signs.

@wnrstweets takes to the rooftops for an all-new collaboration with the Maison. Catch a preview of #WNRSxValentino, culminating into a special deck of cards, by visiting

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An ultra-mini Valentino Garavani #RomanStud in white.

The microscopic statement piece is now up for auction by its creator, #Marqueemaraudersclub

Here the link to place a bid and buy the bag:

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A magnified version of the classic studs of the Maison are placed atop the Valentino Garavani #RomanStud, the new bag seen here on #AminaMuaddi, #YoyoCao, #LanaElSahely, #AnnyFan.

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At home with the Valentino Garavani #RomanStud. @AIMEESONG, #ImaanHammam, #TylynnNguyen, #GildaAmbrosio are photographed with the new bag, available in a range of colors.

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A nod to Maison tradition, updated to contemporary taste. The Valentino Garavani #RomanStud’s structured feel is complemented by bold, oversized studs across the face of the bag. photographed on @elsahosk, #TinaKunakey, #KittyCash, #IreneKim.

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Timeless design, resignified. @VanessaHudgens is seen carrying the new Valentino Garavani #RomanStud bag.

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An ever-evolving symbol. @tarajiphenson is photographed with her Valentino Garavani #RomanStud bag in green. Shop the new bag, available in a range of colors.

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A statement magnified. #GuanXiaoTong carries the Valentino Garavani #RomanStud bag in white, featuring the iconic studs of the Maison reimagined in maxi size.

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Contemporary outerwear is paired with statement accessories like the Valentino Garavani VL7N Multicolor sneakers for “A New Dawn,” the latest story from @GAFFER, featuring Brazilian footballer @vinijr. Shop the looks at


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A fluidity of movement.
The spontaneous, electric energy of @vinijr is highlighted in a new story for @GAFFER, featuring looks from Valentino Mens. Shop the looks at


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The exploration of emotion, evoked by memory.

Inspired by the sunrise in Rio de Janeiro, footballer @vinijr tells his story of athletic ascent for a new editorial in @GAFFER while dressed in looks from Valentino, available to shop at


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