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Orbit will carry 10 of NASA’s CubeSat missions on board, including those needed for planetary exploration, earth science and heliophysics

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6 thoughts on what 2021 will bring by the @ForbesEurope staff

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Quote of the day.

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Venice’s mayor Luigi Brugnaro is facing backlash for ordering the city museums to remain closed until April 1

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The new regime defining the U.K.-EU trade relationship has brought a number of challenges for businesses

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Classic British boot brand Dr Martens is readying itself for an initial public offering

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Inoculations with Sputnik V began before clinical trials were completed

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There are three essential questions to ask yourself and others about your resilience at work, to ensure your foundations are in solid shape for the year ahead

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The company has been opening new stores across Europe, including new outlets in Belgium, Italy, and Portugal and, most recently, a flagship store in Edinburgh, Scotland

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Four shows fans of ‘Bridgerton’ will love

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Over the past decade, the true believers of the cryptocurrency revolution have turned what was once considered an oddball peanut gallery in the financial world into the next trillion-dollar asset class

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The new Swedish strategy is a world away from the country’s light-touch approach when the pandemic first struck the country in March last year

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Quote of the day.

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The U.K.'s Financial Conduct Authority issued a stark warning: "If consumers invest in these types of product, they should be prepared to lose all their money"

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Replying to @ForbesEurope: From Friday 15 January, all arrivals into U.K. must have negative test results

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Bayern Munich looks like a side that is a bit overplayed, writes @ManuelVeth

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The remarkable thing about @AFTVMedia is not popularity alone—the impact it has had on mainstream U.K. soccer culture is unprecedented for fan-made media, writes @JournoZak

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Starring Omar Sy, Lupin has entered Netflix’s Top 10 Shows in most countries around the globe

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From Friday 15 January, all arrivals into U.K. must have negative test results

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The wait is over—Meet the #ForbesUnder30 Europe Class of 2020

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