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Meet the sometimes crazy, mostly rich cast of Netflix's new reality show #BlingEmpire.

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Carey Mulligan's #PromisingYoungWoman costumes dressed the actress to kill for Emerald Fennell's new movie.

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Yes, we have been playing the "34+35" remix on repeat. And what about it?

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The star of Netflix's #BlingEmpire dishes on the castmate he hated, the most extravagant thing that wasn't shown, and the show's critics.

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'Law & Order: SVU' star Mariska Hargitay and her former costar Christopher Meloni teased their reunion on the show to fans with on-set pictures posted Friday.​

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Is there anything worse than being stuck in quarantine with an ex?​

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The five best songs we heard this week include new music from Ashnikko, Flo Milli, Citizen, and more.​

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It's baby number five for the youngest member of the Hanson band.​

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Alright, #TheWilds fans! That sure was fun, huh? Thanks for joining our watch party and live tweeting the first episode with us! Now let's all go rewatch the rest of season 1 (again) ... #EWandTheWilds

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Quoted @shangraceberry

We begged for Pretty Waste to be the ending song #EWandTheWilds it’s too good

An iconic way to end the first episode! #EWandTheWilds

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Quoted @heyabbot

how many phone numbers does anyone know BY HEART anymore? we had a big debate about this in the S2 writer's room @abharris #EWandTheWilds @thewildsonprime

... about three, max. Oops! Probably should fix that ... #EWandTheWilds

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Quoted @heyabbot

@deadlydayno @abharris this is going to be frustrating that i'm not going to give specifics, but i've seen two or three that have been alarmingly dead-on. the ingenuity and the insight of this fandom is staggering

Oooooh did you hear that? Some of your fan theories are actually right!! Which ones do you think she's referring to? #EWandTheWilds

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Quoted @reignedwards

She doesn’t realize that asking for help when you need help isn’t weakness. It’s strength.

Sometimes we can all use a reminder of this🙏 #EWandTheWilds

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Quoted @shangraceberry

Dot has no one to call #EWandTheWilds

*sniffle* no we're not crying, we just have SO MUCH DUST in our eyes right now ... justice for Dot! #EWandTheWilds

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Quoted @erethenaa

@EW That Dot is Gretchen’s daughter

OH WOW that would so shocking if it's true! #EWandTheWilds

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Quoted @abharris

Yes - more island, more girls, more drama! #EWandTheWilds

All these season 2 teases are getting us even more excited! #EWandTheWilds

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Quoted @reignedwards

Really intense to film. We were both hustling hard. But i felt extremely supported by her. We had each other’s backs in those scenes. Always made sure the other was good before going into it again.💯💯💯

How can you NOT love the sisterhood that's both on and off camera? #EWandTheWilds

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Quoted @thewildsonprime

She sings, she a leader, she kisses women. Shelbald is the whole package. @miahealey2 #EWandTheWilds @sophiaTali @EW

"SHELBALD"😂🤣😂🤣 #EWandTheWilds

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.@JaviciaLeslie is answering the call as the new #Batwoman. Dive into how she’s been training to pick up the Crimson Knight’s mantle for decades, without even realizing it. Story by @chancelloragard

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