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Reflecting on an #MLKDay happening in the wake of White rioters storming the US Capitol, @PenielJoseph says King’s "last revelatory year of political activism and organizing” offers a way forward: "America needs the revolutionary King now more than ever”

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"It was the second impeachment for Trump — unprecedented in US history. The first time, no House Republican voted 'aye,' and in the Senate, only one Republican, Mitt Romney, voted to remove him from office."

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"Those police officers, police leaders and police unions who have reciprocated the corrupt embrace of a lawless president have betrayed not only the public trust but the trust of their brothers and sisters in uniform," writes @Calex_law

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"Even if she was not aware of it, her statement about 'one girl accusing a guy about a phone' is dripping with the racial bias that Black people face daily," writes @elliotcwilliams

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.@tbalcerski writes what former Presidents Abraham Lincoln and Rutherford Hayes can teach President-elect Joe Biden about getting inaugurated during tumultuous times.

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"Looking at King's struggle for courage can shift our understanding of the civil rights leader and point a way forward during this dark period in our nation's history," writes Jeff Kelly Lowenstein.

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"Learning from a mistake is crucial but over-reacting to a mistake can be paralyzing. Knowing how to balance the two opposing forces is the largest challenge of all,” writes Dr. Kent Sepkowitz

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.@ScottJenningsKY writes: If a Senator believes Trump to be the wrong person to lead the GOP moving forward, and/or that he must be punished for subversive actions, does convicting him make him go away faster or does it make him a martyr?

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.@BennieGThompson: "To ensure Americans' safety and fulfill the oath of office, the US Senate must move quickly to confirm Alejandro Mayorkas to serve as Secretary of Homeland Security."

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.@Fiery_Particle: "The term Orwellian, used correctly, is a shorthand for the perversion of language to mask truth and defend the indefensible."

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.@joelockhart: "...lost in the debate was the root cause -- the big lie and who was telling it -- that set off the chain of events leading to the ransacking of the Capitol and the death of five Americans"

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"I think the time for listening to present-day Trump supporters is over. There is nothing that anyone in this destructive and delusional group can teach the rest of us," writes CNN's @AlisynCamerota.

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"Some Republicans have shown a willingness to press the reset button in attempt to remove the stain of Trump from their party, but there is no going back," write @ArickWierson and @BradleyHonan

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"Mind you, none of this is good, helpful or in adherence with American democratic norms, nor should it be tolerated. But it exists as part of our reality, so we must deal honestly with it," writes @ScottJenningsKY.

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.@joelockhart: "Republicans and Democrats didn't do enough to focus on the months that led up to the coup attempt and why it happened."

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.@gaby__goldstein and @davedaley3 write none of us should be surprised by the Capitol Hill insurrection. "Months of escalating threats and violence at our state capitols should have served as notice of what was coming."

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"On top of an already shameful record, the events of January 6, 2021, will define Trump's legacy forever and stain the pages of American history," writes @RepCharlieDent

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"Make no mistake: The people who planned and participated in this atrocity will get a knock on their doors from the FBI soon enough," writes @AshaRangappa_

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Gregory E. Sterling of @YaleDivSchool argues the Capitol insurrectionists who used Christian symbols and rhetoric as a weapon against America were “trampling upon the principles of democracy and Christianity”

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