@radityadika emang lu kontet beneran yah bang? Kirain cuma gimmik 😂😂 @radityadika

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@_WKusuma @radityadika Hoax itu cuma effect kamera doang,jadi kelihatan kontet.

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@radityadika Profile picture raditya dika


 3 years ago

Padahal gue udah punya.

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@puji_2pm Profile picture Zie 🕑


 3 years ago

@radityadika Hahaa.. Bang radit mau dibeliin peninggi badan sama karin 😂😂

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Today marks the 35th anniversary of the Challenger explosion and tragedy. Here's how a few of the papers covered the story in the next day's editions. @Tennessean @latimes @BostonGlobe @NYDailyNews #Challenger

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@TomBrady will be the only person playing in the #SuperBowl this year that is old enough to remember the #Challenger explosion.

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Buffalo Creek Middle School PE Teacher Tammy Hickey is carrying on the legacy of her former teacher, Christa McAuliffe.

It was 35 years ago today that the #Challenger explosion tragically took the lives of the space shuttle crew.

Here's more from the @TODAYshow #WeManatee

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In just a couple hours it will have been 35 years (if my math is right) since the Space Shuttle #Challenger explosion

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Today, I pause to remember the "Challenger 7", who died #onthisday in 1986 when the space shuttle #Challenger came apart 73 seconds after launch following a booster failure. #OTD

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May we never forget #Challenger

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#HopNow @elonmusk @SpaceX watching via @NASASpaceflight youtube. Can't wait. #SN9 ... Always remember #Challenger and #Apollo1

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