Fan of books? Fan of Ed Sheeran? Try these! #thursdayvibes

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#TALESFROMTHESMP I think that an island covered in bloodvines (or some other piece of land) would be pretty pog! Maybe the episode could show what might happen in the future between the smp and the bloodvines/ egg !!

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#TALESFROMTHESMP ooh I have an idea. maybe you can make a DreamSMP ARG Where the hints or clues can lead up to a storyline and can make the fans feel more engaged with the storyline. but that's just a thought.

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#TALESFROMTHESMP maybe a like 80s/90s type murder mystery type thing and they all have those really odd and stupid personas idk I just thought that would be cool :)

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idk if you ever watched his videos but bajan canadian used to do these battle dome games (basically two teams have a limited time to get resources) and the first to kill the other team or destroy their obsidian wins. you could change it a bit to add+

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hehe i have a list for you karl jacobs #TALESFROMTHESMP

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#TALESFROMTHESMP I dont really know what tales from the smp is but please tell me it's like the magic treehouse, that'd be so awesome.

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