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I can no longer work because my illnesses have me housebound and bedbound more days than not. I had to get a service dog. After almost 2 years, I am still not in remission and am not responding to treatments. I was rejected for SSDI. #DisabilityHasNoAgeRequirement

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saying they were suprised I hadn't died in my sleep due to how shut down my body was and how long it took to get a label for treatment.
p.s hi #DisabilityHasNoAgeRequirement again 🤭 its me again /lh

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I was 12/13 when I went from an active kid basically jumping off the walls to not being able to keep my eyes open. I had an autoimmune diease called Hashimotos. They did every virus test, infection test in the book I was basically a pin cushion #DisabilityHasNoAgeRequirement

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#DisabilityHasNoAgeRequirement Neurodivergent(Autistic/ADHD) since I was born
Depression since I was 7
OCD since I was 10/11
Anxiety since I was 12/13
PTSD turned CPTSD since I was 8

I'm 24 now & you wouldn't believe I'm disabled because I 'don't look disabled'

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I still have trouble every day but I learned to live with it then hate it. So to my braces, canes & wheelchairs, I love you. To my body bro wtf is the problem. But here I am 17 with sick mode on all the way. Always speak up for yourself and fight!!! #DisabilityHasNoAgeRequirement

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At 14 years old, I was diagnosed with bipolar, anxiety & depression. I also have had scoliosis all my life. My back is in constant pain, I have memory loss because of my bipolar, I'm constantly tired because of my medication, I'm always anxious too. #DisabilityHasNoAgeRequirement

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#DisabilityHasNoAgeRequirement I was born with Spina Bifida, and have been a wheelchair user since I outgrew a regular baby stroller.

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I suffer from PCOS, Mixed Connective Tissue Disorder, Inflammatory Arthritis, AD/HD, Depression and Hypothyroidism. I've had symptoms since I was in my teens. am just now getting care at 33 because I was always too young and fat for a diagnosis. #DisabilityHasNoAgeRequirement

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