@MariaDowell2 @FirstPortUK That’s absolutely appalling! @Keir_Starmer this is one of your constituents and you have been contacted by them and done nothing! @jeremycorbyn would have helped!

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My surgery for cancer went well, but home early because of covid. Home is leaking and mouldy which I can no longer maintain, I can barely stand up. This could have been resolved over a year ago by @FirstPortUK. I wake this morning to every room dripping!!! Heartbroken agony 💔😭

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Ladies and gentlemen, Tamisha Iman. 🥺💕 #DragRace

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Olivia smiles and my world lights up like bitch move the fuck over Chip Skylark!!!! Olivia’s shiny teeth have some things to say!!! #DragRace

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aaaa grabe denali 😩💖 #DragRace

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Sheer runway:
Denali = meh
Joey Jay = toot
Rosé = boot
Tamisha = TOOT b1tch
Utica = TOOT
Kahmora = TOOT

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Not the porkchop queens did a better performance than the winner circle #DragRace

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The porkchop queens doing better than the winners circle group? I love it!!

Also stan Tamisha Iman!!!

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If you seek Amy come canzone lip sync. Mi volete morto 😍❤ #dragrace

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all that time...for that? ell oh ell miss K.H. #dragrace

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