Bryan Fogel, Omar Abdulaziz and Hatice Cengiz join The Post to discuss “The Dissident,” a new documentary about the murder of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

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 1 week ago

@washingtonpost Very interesting to hear Fogel talk about possibly why Bezos/WaPo didn’t want to finance this film... 🧐

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@washingtonpost That poor and noble man: WP journalist *Jamal Khashoggi's*😭
horrific demise: via "The Dissident," Rest in Peace.

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 1 week ago

@washingtonpost Looking forward to watch this program

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 1 week ago

@washingtonpost When will it be available in Europe for rent?

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 1 week ago

@washingtonpost Thank you for sharing this

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@washingtonpost i will absolutely watch this doc.. thx.

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@washingtonpost poor man when i see the clip of him entering the embassy i always call out to him not to go in!!

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#IUBB just beat Iowa! @mvsonwilliams joins the show to break down the week off leading up to the game, the game itself, and the outlook for the future.

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Updated, smothering defense lifts #iubb to upset over No. 4 Iowa, the highest ranked win in the Archie Miller era

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IU over Iowa postgame:

- Write-up for @daily_hoosier:

- New @HoosierExpPod w/ @mvsonwilliams:


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Indiana needed a break after that deflating loss to Purdue. It needed to find itself on both ends of the floor. In that second half against Iowa, #iubb seemed to do just that. For @daily_hoosier:

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Indiana jumped 11 spots in KenPom to No. 22 after the win over Iowa. Probably still like 147th in the NET. #iubb

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USA news: How will former US President Donald Trump be remembered in history?
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