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 1 week ago

A racing pigeon has survived an extraordinary 8,000-mile Pacific Ocean crossing from the United States to find a new home in Australia.

Now authorities consider the bird a quarantine risk and plan to kill it.

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@amyjonathan71 @ABC Too expensive and not worth the risks. What if it's carrying a novel to Australia pathogen, it could devastate native species. Isolating it until it eventually died would be cruel too, given the conditions it would have to be kept in to eliminate risk.

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@lnstevens91976 @ABC It's an invasive species risk.

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@ABC Bring him home!!!!!

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@ABC that's wrong!

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@ABC Beautiful Homer, keep flying ๐Ÿ•Š๏ธ

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@ABC I don't understand that when they could just quarantine the bird.

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 1 week ago

@ABC Mean. Just quarantine it...

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