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 1 week ago

RIVER RESCUE: Bodycam footage shows the moment police, fire and ambulance personnel teamed up to pull a woman from a frigid Hudson River.

She was transported for treatment while three water rescuers were taken to the hospital for evaluation.

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 1 week ago

@ABC The good catches up

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@ABC Great Job! Front line never knows what their shifts will bring.

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 1 week ago

@ABC how did she get in there?

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 1 week ago

@ABC God bless them.

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 1 week ago

@ABC Burr! Give those rescuers double pay! Burrr!!

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 1 week ago

@ABC I’m sure they’ll try and impeach him for this too

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#AnxietyMakesMe question all of my decisions...just to make sure....wait one more time...

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#AnxietyMakesMe doubt myself even when I have a real and valid concern or observation. I will second guess my gut instincts sometimes thinking that It’s just my anxiety. It can be hard to distinguish the two.

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