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 1 week ago

"How the GOP reckons with Trump as he leaves office is the question on which the future of American politics depends," writes @mollyesque

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@TIME @mollyesque May #God be his judge +2 #Pence

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 1 week ago

@TIME @mollyesque US has fallen into the hands of divisive and destructive forces. God save America!

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@TIME @mollyesque Dear Senators,
Find the Atticus Finch inside you!
A Concerned Citizen

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@TIME @mollyesque If they don't take the opportunity now, he's gonna drag them for the rest of his life!

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 1 week ago
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@TIME @mollyesque He’s a gangrenous limb. They need to cut him out and cauterize the wound.

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@TIME @mollyesque But not their first.

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Like Mussolini’s March on Rome and Hitler’s Beer Hall Putsch, Donald Trump’s Insurrection is the beginning of years of street violence, says Louie Valencia-García at @C4ARR.

This is what nascent American Fascism looks like.

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#patchestwtselfieday felix and patches should be besties

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#patchestwtselfieday old pics but Turki says hi

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-meet my lil kiddos:,)
—— rt’s are pog<3

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Ahora ya se que cada vez que me sienta mal voy a entrar al #patchestwtselfieday para sentirme mejor
Los michis me calman muchisimo

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Hope I’m not too late #patchestwtselfieday

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hey #patchestwtselfieday

my cats are adorable so i thought i would share (+ a dog)

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