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 1 week ago

Legend has it that if there are less than six ravens at the Tower of London the “kingdom will fall,” but thankfully there are still seven ravens at the tower, despite Merlina’s absence.

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 1 week ago

@ABC @shitian321136 Beautiful bird.🐦👍

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 1 week ago

@ABC The town will fall with the present mayor not doing anything for the people & just playing the blame game

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@ABC In the passage of time, All kingdoms fall. It is inevitable.

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 1 week ago

@ABC If you can, listen to the book written and narrated by the Ravenmaster of the Tower of London. It's wonderful and very interesting.

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 1 week ago

@ABC Loved seeing the ravens when we got the chance to visit! Very sad. 💔💔💔

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@jcmason1227_mom @ABC I came here to make this comment.

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@ABC Fewer not less. (Old teacher here)

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I just wish that my health mattered to the @CAgovernor. #HighRiskCA, you don’t deserve to be at high risk and ineligible for the vaccine. Not all colleges have everything as together as @UCSanDiego, so how are we protecting disabled #HighRiskCA students? @ParshanKhosravi

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Let’s do something, @aidanaras of @_UCSA and @GwenChodur of @ucgpc to protect disabled students who are #HighRiskCA. Together, more of us can survive this pandemic. The time is now to end the eugenic approach to vaccine distribution. #DisabledPeopleHaveValue #DisabilityTwitter

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Do disabled lives matter? Yes, they do 🙌🏾 If you are a disabled student in CA, share your story with #HighRiskCA. Let your voice be heard.

@CAgovernor, I remind you that #DisabledPeopleHaveValue.

@DisabilityCA @_UCSA @ucgpc @GwenChodur @aidanaras @UofCalifornia @DisInHigherEd

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NEWS: $REGRF #HighRiskCA @Eh_Canadaian @ASoychak @LiquidityNews @newsfile_corp @MarketWN @squeezereport $REGRF $PSYCF $GDRX $GTCH

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How does CA so consistently ignore the needs of its disabled citizens — to the point of murdering them by neglect? @GavinNewsom #HighRiskCA #PGE #Triage How much worse is it in other states???

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Why doesn't @CAgovernor @GavinNewsom care about vulnerable residents in CA? #HighRiskCA

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Wooohoo @steven_aquino and @SFdirewolf, #HighRiskCA is officially your trend, celebrate? I have spoken.

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Beyond dismayed at @GavinNewsom's new #vaccine rollout. Prime example 21st century eugenics. Not prioritizing at-risk populations such as essential workers and disabled folks is racist, classist, and ableist. How many times must we ask you to stop killing us?? #HighRiskCA

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