NEW: Andrew Yang officially announces his campaign for mayor of New York City.
"New York City is the greatest city in the world. Ordinarily, when someone says something like that, it is like a political talking point—but in this case, it is a fact."

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@MistyPushkin99 Profile picture Jorges


 1 week ago

@ABCPolitics You mean “After Glasgow “

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@edncat Profile picture cathy martinez


 1 week ago

@ABCPolitics Oh good he will make an outstanding mayor

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@BonBon0_o @ABCPolitics You’d LOSE that bet

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@DavidSanDiegoNH Profile picture David


 1 week ago

@ABCPolitics Good luck to you and your campaign @AndrewYang . You are definitely a good fit and needed in #NYC ! ✌️


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@gregarticles Profile picture Greg Hall


 1 week ago

@ABCPolitics Surprise surprise

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@BonBon0_o Profile picture BonBon


 1 week ago

@ABCPolitics I bet he would make a great mayor!

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@ABCPolitics Is he trying to land @jetblue as a corporate sponsor with that scarf? I can see the new A220's newest tailfin "The Yang". A new plane name, Blue.B.I.

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@snarksalot Profile picture Cassie


 1 week ago

@ABCPolitics Just think of all that Andrew Yang could do if he just started a PAC and supported candidates across the country, or something.

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@ABCPolitics Makes me want to move back to New York City

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Actions prove who someone is, words just prove who they pretend to be 📌 #wednesdaythought

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#wednesdaythought Marjorie Taylor Greene Parkland Steele Joe Scarborough

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