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Twitter's chief executive Jack Dorsey stands by the decision to ban Pres. Donald Trump from the platform in a wide-ranging thread, but admits that the action sets a "dangerous" precedent.

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@Svg_Snowman @ABC Well he is a founder and the CEO so it's his company to run as he sees fit. Don't like it, then don't use it but the fact that you're complaining on here is irony.

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@charliejmeyers @ABC My man when you have the type of money he has you can look any way you want to

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 1 week ago

@ABC Hero!

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@ABC Dangerous? There's no "dangerous" on silencing a riot's promoter. And his name is president Trump!!😎

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@ABC So jack is the dictator of twitter?

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@ABC I thought this was one of the Avett Brothers

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@ABC Trump is a dangerous precedent

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@ABC the question is, why does he continue to stand by that beard?

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Check out claudia conway's video! #Justiceforclaudia

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@LiberalRedneck4 @HippieVibesxo Right !! #JusticeForClaudiaConway #justiceforclaudia … THIS IS THE LINK TO THE LIVE VIDEO GUYS @cnnbrk @CNN @maddow @KatyOnMSNBC @MSNBCDaily @TYT @TheDamageReport @PhilMurphyNJ @AOC

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i’m so glad everyone is finally seeing that @KellyannePolls is SCUM!! #justiceforclaudia

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@gtconway3d Your wife shared child pornography of your minor child on Twitter. You may not have experienced consequences yet but this isn’t getting better or going away. If you don’t care about your child, consider your reputation? What can anyone say to you?! #justiceforclaudia

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@HippieVibesxo #JusticeForClaudiaConway #justiceforclaudia … THIS IS THE LINK TO THE LIVE VIDEO GUYS @cnnbrk @CNN @maddow @KatyOnMSNBC @MSNBCDaily @TYT @TheDamageReport @PhilMurphyNJ @AOC @Sethrogen

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completely censored version of kelly anne conway posting her daughter, claudia conways, private photo. this woman deserves to go to jail and claudia deserves justice. #justiceforclaudia

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Bloody hell. I knew Kellyanne Conway was a piece of work, but this is just horrendous. #justiceforclaudia

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