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If the Senate fails to convict, a president is considered impeached but is not removed, as was the case with both Bill Clinton in 1998 and Andrew Johnson in 1868.

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@FlipNoir @ABC *impeachments.

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@toaster_evil @ABC Those are the only two they can.

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@ABC There is a more recent example you can cite

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@ABC 2 impeachment’s, 0 popular vote wins, 1 term.

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@ABC He was removed by We the People on November 3rd.

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@ABC Watch this video if you can stomach it


@gop and Republicans stick with Trump and his TOXIC rhetoric that delivered this.

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@ABC Bill Clinton lied about oral sex, and republicans thought it was worth impeachment. trump attempted a coup, and most are just fine!

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@ABC The impeachment must be exhaustive, with witnesses and fully conducted, preferably into the next term.

Republicans used Benghazi to flame the fringe and sow the seeds of doubt within the masses.

Walking away invites, maintains, and allows them to perpetuate all the narratives.

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