@RahulGandhi Profile picture Rahul Gandhi


 1 week ago

Mark my words, the Govt will have to take back the anti-farm laws.

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 1 week ago

@AroraGirish @RahulGandhi They are not Farmers but Politicial Activists propelled by your Leader @ArvindKejriwal @RahulGandhi @capt_amarinder 4 time looser @rssurjewala and Anti National Salim ... @_YogendraYadav

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@RahulGandhi Let all of us the Congressi’s stick with Rahul ji and the Congress party then 100% this Government will bow down in front of farmers,
This government will lose its face in front of this nation.

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@RahulGandhi You will lead our country out of this mess created by Chowkidar of Ambani & Adani.

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 1 week ago

@RahulGandhi Proud of Rahul Gandhi

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@AroraGirish Profile picture Girish Arora


 1 week ago

@RahulGandhi Clever strategy, it seems is to test the patience & tolerance of the farmers & ultimately tire them out, it is injustice with the farmers, they need to be heard & they too should climb down from total repeal of 3 laws.

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#XMenVote if you didnt vote for lorna you're antisemitic

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My favorite X-Men has always been my man Cyclops!! #XMenVote

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#BoomBoom #XMenVote @Marvel Partied with the Beyonder; survived Rob Liefeld, and mutied up the Agents of HATE, Boom Boom is the queen of queens!

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Estoy entre Forja, Mancha Solar, Médula y Polaris y me cuesta mucho decidirme pero creo que voto x Forja pq siempre me pareció la mezcla entre sus poderes y sus habilidades de chamán podían dar mucho más juego y NECESITO q exploren más su relación con Tormenta y Mística #XMenVote

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@Marvel I vote for jubilee #XMenVote

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