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 2 weeks ago
HOW has it officially been 17 years since @BritneySpears released #Toxic?? 🔥💙

HOW has it officially been 17 years since @BritneySpears released #Toxic?? 🔥💙

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 2 weeks ago

@gaynorprice109 @MTV @britneyspears No. Nope. Nuh-uh. Absolutely not.

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@MTV @britneyspears @vodkaboybert this can’t be right!😳

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@MTV @britneyspears Britney the Prep

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@MTV @britneyspears #toxic was, is and will still a big Big BIG HITTTTTT🎉

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 2 weeks ago

@MTV @britneyspears And how was it l was 18 seventeen years ago ????

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@MTV @britneyspears I feel so old 😩 QUEEN @britneyspears

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@MTV @britneyspears also 9 years since one direction released one thing iconic!!

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@MTV @britneyspears STAHHHPPPP. you are making me feel my age!

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When we tell SA that Judges are corrupt we are insulted , Sydney Mafumadi confirmed Judges are Hostile to Zuma,some recieved payments,today Justices say Zuma has ' no right to remain silent ' . Is this apartheid in SA today . #thursdaymorning #thursdaymorning

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Sant Garibdasji said
Khoo naam khoon ka Tamaa naam gay
sau bar saugandh isko na piye khay
In Persian, a cow is called “Tamaa”. Blood is called Khoon. Tobacco has originated from cow’s blood. Don't consume it
- Saint RampalJi

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#NowPlayingOnMaxFM - #7Rings - by @ArianaGrande

The vibe is 💯 on #maxhits with the #colourgang @iam_RealSkillz & @CeratheCera 💃🕺💃🕺

Listen Online:

#thursdaymorning #ThursdayThoughts #ThursdayMotivation #thursdayvibes

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It’s the getting up in the morning that kills me, feel like when I conquer that though the day goes so well #thursdaymorning

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My life is a succession of starting a Netflix series only to find out it's already been cancelled.

#thursdaymorning #ThursdayThoughts

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#winterwonderland #birdwatching #cardinal #cardinals #birdsofinstagram #forestphotography #puremichigan #nature #naturephotography #naturewalk #thursdaymorning #thursdaymotivation #treesofinstagram

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Repotted all my plants this morning 😇 They are all looking very relieved & happy, bless them!🪴 I’m not great with plants but trying my best not to kill them this time!!
#plants #houseplant #greenfingers #happy #thursdaymorning

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