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 1 week ago

"There's something about nostalgia for me, it hits different." -@SkylarAstin

From #Friends to #FreshPrince, Skylar loves a good theme song! What's your favorite pick? 👀👇

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@MTV @SkylarAstin @MTV @viacomcbs #FREETEENWOLF @hulu @CBSTVStudios @mgmstudios @mynameisjeffd bring Teen Wolf back with season 7

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 5 days ago

@MTV @SkylarAstin Either Friends or Psych. 🍍

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@MTV @SkylarAstin Have you not heard Michael Arden’s Quasimodo? 😱😱😱😱

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 6 days ago

@MTV @SkylarAstin Golden Girls - Thank You For Being A Friend

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@MTV @SkylarAstin I love listening to @SkylarAstin sing! He’s has an amazing voice!
The Fresh Prince theme song is awesome, but I’m going with @cw_spn’s unofficial official theme song ‘Carry On My Wayward Son’ by @KansasBand

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how has no one made a song about Inauguration day to the tune of Coronation day from Frozen?


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Trump is going to boast that his inauguration crowd was bigger than Biden’s. I’m banking on that... #InaugurationDay

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"On Eagle's Wings" is a hilarious hymn for Biden's #InaugurationDay Mass... like on multiple levels #Catholic 🇻🇦 and secular.

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Najlepszy czas Prezydenta Trumpa!
#InaugurationDay #Inauguration2021 #Biden #Trump @pisorgpl @AndrzejDuda @MorawieckiM @KSzczerski
pastor @PawelChojecki

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I‘m not American, but I’m in tears already. I think Joe Biden by his own openly emotional speech yesterday gave us permission to feel into this day. I’m not on guard for something outrageous and mean to be said. Just feelings of pure relief and new hope. #InaugurationDay

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