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2021 = a new movie EVERY WEEK on Netflix. Here's a sneak peek at 27 of the biggest, brightest, fastest, funniest, feel-good, feel-everything films and stars coming to Netflix this year

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 5 days ago

@risindu214 @NetflixFilm The only reason I'm here

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@kingvader @NetflixFilm @netflix very strong programming slate ahead💪🏾💪🏾

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 1 week ago

@TV2TA @NetflixFilm For real

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 1 week ago

@NetflixFilm Are you kidding me? And you can’t afford The Society? For God’s sake renew our show #savethesociety @netflix

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 1 week ago

@NetflixFilm #ArmyOfTheDead YES LETS GOOO!

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@NetflixFilm @netflix This why I love Netflix. Sheesh 🎬🤩

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 1 week ago

@NetflixFilm Army of the dead content let’s goo

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@NetflixFilm So can I get the dates now for To All the Boys and Kissing Booth please

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Good morning #TeamPete! @Colorado4Pete checking in on MST for our #SunriseCelebration ! The first sunrise with a new president, feels pretty great! 🌄 @HBYarbrough @CazMar78 @carliemonett @ButtonsPete #TeamPeteForever

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I don’t have a great view, but our future looks bright. I’m grateful, this first day that DT is no longer in the White House. Thank you ⁦@PeteButtigieg⁩. #SunriseCelebration #TeamPete

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Love seeing these #SunriseCelebration pictures from all across the country. #TeamPete has been working for this day for a long time. 🌄 🇺🇸

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I see today's #SunriseCelebration includes people from every part of America and around the world.

The former mayor of the fourth largest city in Indiana knows how to bring people together. 🙂💙💛


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Don’t have to imagine any more. Now to get to work dragging the Biden administration as far left as possible. #SunriseCelebration

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