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Apne balle se duniya ko jeetne ke baad, ab aa rahe hain #SureshRaina apni team #UPDabbangs ke saath. Dekhiye #IndianProMusicLeague, bahut jald, sirf #ZeeTV par.
#IPMLonZeeTV #MusicOonchaRaheHumara #WalkThrough
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Looking forward for this ! ✌️✌️

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 3 weeks ago

@TamizhTamizh8 @ImRaina Sonu not sanu..:)

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 3 weeks ago

@ImRaina Sanu Bhai ❤️Look like Handsome Hollywood Hero🖤❤️

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@ImRaina 💓💓💓

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 3 weeks ago

@_Im_sai_ @ImRaina 👌

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 3 weeks ago

@ImRaina ❤❤❤👐👐👐👐

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I have no idea what’s happening with the stocks but #EatTheRich!!!!

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Can somebody make cereals by the name Eat The Rich? The kids need indoctrination and nutritions at a very early age. #IStandWithFarmers #GodiMedia #EatTheRich

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@T1_Able @Kapalua2483 @reddittrading So, I guess it is good to buy when it dips. Now, all we do is hold the line. :) #eattherich

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@businessinsider They're "knocking over the game board" since the peasants were beating them at their own game - this is an attempt to recoup their losses. Hopefully all the new investors #HoldTheLine


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@Yutzy__ Sean said “I might reactivate my Twitter just to get in on this. #eattherich” lmfaoooo

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