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 3 weeks ago

Two legendary Canadians teamed up to deliver this clue. They team up again in "Free Guy," in theaters soon. @FreeGuyMovie @vancityreynolds

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@Austin101blog @Jeopardy @FreeGuyMovie @VancityReynolds Oh no!😢This is Alex’s last week! He gave a message about kindness before the game began yesterday♥️ Hopefully you can find it somewhere! I record them incase I miss one

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@ShayHoffman @Jeopardy @FreeGuyMovie @VancityReynolds I will never watch a Jeopardy hosted by Jennings, I will tape the shows and make sure I don't make any purchases from the sponsors. Jennings as host would be a huge insult to the memory of Alex and his values.

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 3 weeks ago

@Jeopardy @FreeGuyMovie @VancityReynolds Hi that’s great! Please don’t make Ken Jennings the new host.

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@lanadjarin @Jeopardy @FreeGuyMovie @VancityReynolds @mcuwaititi They announced it a few weeks ago

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@tacehtxilef @Jeopardy @FreeGuyMovie @VancityReynolds May 21st hopefully

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@Jeopardy @FreeGuyMovie @VancityReynolds @mcuwaititi WHEN DID WE GET A DATE LOOK AT THE MOVIES ACCOUNTS BIO

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 3 weeks ago
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 3 weeks ago

@rehberger_dani @Jeopardy @FreeGuyMovie @VancityReynolds You don't think Ken Jennings would be a good #Jeopardy host?

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@Jeopardy @FreeGuyMovie @VancityReynolds Please let this serve as my vote against Jennings.

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@Jeopardy @FreeGuyMovie @VancityReynolds we never miss and we just missed today! dang- how can we watch it?

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@Jeopardy @FreeGuyMovie @VancityReynolds Okay, we gotta see this. Maybe online theater? 🤣

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