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 2 weeks ago

As 2020 ends, we remember the loved ones lost & give thanks to our leaders, frontline workers & others who have come together to fight the global pandemic. The resilience of our country is strong. I send my best wishes for a #NewYear full of health & peace.

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@FLOTUS Ben Sasse voted to acquit Trump when he knew he was guilty. It's cute that Sasse is taking the correct side now that it's all over and Trump is defeated. But Sasse gets zero points for this. Every republican senator who voted to acquit Trump should go to prison with him.

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 2 weeks ago

@FLOTUS We look forward in 2021 for you to hit the road. Get out!

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@FLOTUS Pack your shit.

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 2 weeks ago

@FLOTUS Yout husband killed over 300000 people

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@FLOTUS Trump’s Report Card

Added $8 trillion to national debt (42%)

Reversed 80 EPA regs

Withdrew from 13 int. orgs.

Appointed 225 judges

Signed 2017 tax law & paid $750

Mismanaged COVID & 338k died

Visited his properties 419 times

Pocketed $20M at his properties

Told 26k lies

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Saying try harder when you don’t understand something is like putting a wet paper towel on a broken bone
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Get the Red Vampire free today on #Kindle. This deal WON’T last an eternity. Link below.

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It's a dark world right now. But somehow, I still have so much to be thankful for.

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निर्भयता - जीवन है। #QuotesByRushivarji #Rushivarji #tuesdayvibe #Shukacharyaji

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#tuesdayvibe know your worth. Fuck that draining ass, soul sucking job.

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Good morning selfie 🖕🙀😻🌞

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Biden should run a legislative blitz from day one. Not 1 main initiative that can be isolated, stalled and picked apart- 10 big important legislative initiatives that make GOP heads spin. This is the time to go for it all.

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