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 3 weeks ago

Quoted @PrimeVideo

High key F 2020. Yearly Departed premieres December 30 on Prime Video with this hell of a lineup:


Can’t wait to watch this!

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 3 weeks ago

@xtina WE ARE READY FOR X7 IN 2021 🖤🔮

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 3 weeks ago

@xtina Release “I Will Remember You” on streaming!!!

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@xtina watup chick

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@xtina Do you have a favourite cheese? Xx

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 3 weeks ago

@xtina Already got word it hilarious and you killed it as usual 💋

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 3 weeks ago

@xtina Xtina! My birthday’s on Sunday! I’d kill to get a tweet from you 💛🥳

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 3 weeks ago

@xtina We loved it 👏🏼👏🏼❤️❤️

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 3 weeks ago

@xtina Queen 🤎 so beautiful

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 3 weeks ago

@xtina hi love you

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Its #VTuberUprising , so to celebrate, why don't we do a networking thread? Drop your PNG below, with an introduction! If you're 300 follows or less, I will retweet you. Retweets of this will be appreciated ♡

Come meet your fellow vtubers!
To rise up, we need to work together!

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I'm Sato! Ya Demihuman Owl-boy, Scholar, Mage-Knight and I'm armed with tea and magic for this #VTuberUprising! 😊

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Quick game! Can you do it? Make a short story (1 Twitter post length) that includes at least 3 of these words:
- dancing
- bushes
- love
- peach
- mongoose

#TwitterNatureCommunity #writingcommmunity #writingprompt #vtuberuprising #flashfiction

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Just in time for the #VtuberUprising My new body design is finished! Thanks @KaerilKomori!

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hmm.. i guess i shouldn't be surprised a lot of "OG's" in the vtuber community are upset by the #VTuberUprising but like... it brings so much variety and opportunities!

"vtuber debut tba" machine go brrrr

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