.@POTUS & I send our warmest wishes to all as we celebrate #Christmas. May the love we share with our family & friends fill our hearts with peace & joy!

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 4 weeks ago
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@AngelicaKamen @FLOTUS @POTUS Serious question... What makes her a good First Lady?

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 1 month ago

@KarynMarinella @FLOTUS @POTUS Delusional aren't we?!

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@FLOTUS @POTUS Merry Christmas to you and your family, First Lady!! We love you!

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@FLOTUS @POTUS Santa's coming to town bearing many gifts

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 1 month ago

@FLOTUS @POTUS Merry Christmas President Trump and First Lady.

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@FLOTUS @POTUS Don’t lie Melania. We all know you hate CHRISTMAS

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It's been a while since I got this angry cause of a United game

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Paul Pogba vs Sheffield United | The World Champion | Paul Like Shaku Shaku Scholes | I Love Zlatan but Zlatan loves me too | 1080p #MUNSHU #Manchester_united #MUFC #Pogba

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And the Best #silhouettechallenge
Goes to this video...
Probably the best,Boldest and the most beautiful video...💋🥰🤗


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Oh and we’re back said Man Utd 😂😂 #MUNSHU

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Now Sheffield United will score in next season against Manchester United at old Trafford

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