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@FALCAO senden nefret ediyorum çünkü seni çok sevmiştim

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@FALCAO bu kim

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@FALCAO Zahmet olmasın kral yorma kendini

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@FALCAO Baba Allah'ına kurbaaaan🔥💛❤️

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@FALCAO Hoşgeldin knk

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@FALCAO Tatil bitti mi kanka 😊👌

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@FALCAO kimsin

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@FALCAO Sen kimsin abi

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#VerifyKrystinaArielle because she deserves it. She's a badass content creator and a kind soul.


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I'm looking forward to The High Republic Show with @KrystinaArielle! Can't wait for the dive into this exciting new era of Star Wars. #IStandWithKrystina

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Today is the 3rd day that Democrats and Joe Biden have allowed Antifa and BLM terrorists to destroy and assault businesses and citizens in Portland.

Biden is looking very weak and pathetic.


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I missed the original tweet but I take it the alt right are being racist trash again. Of course #IStandWithKrystina and you’d have to be scum not to.

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@KrystinaArielle I admit I haven't seen much with you (my loss!) But what I have seen shows you to be a smart, funny and genuine person. People who have time for this hate - use it to accomplish something good in the world. #IStandWithKrystina #VerifyKrystina

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What the hell did y’all do to her this time? I don’t even know if I should look into it.
#IStandWithKrystina #verifyKrystinaArielle

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#IStandWithKrystina This absolute sunbeam has been out here being a badass and shooting light every goddamn way for years, and some alt-right mewling crotch mold is tryna lie about the Lord's Work that she does calling out racists? Das weak. Star Wars is lucky to have this voice.

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#IStandWithKrystina #VerifyKrystinaArielle
do it already! people have been asking for aaaages

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