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@JoeBangles11 @FLOTUS Dick cheese

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 3 weeks ago

@FLOTUS missy has done more 'work' in the last 2 mos. then she has in the last 4 years. Her lies must be exhausted.

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 3 weeks ago

@FLOTUS And now for a Christmas duet........

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@FLOTUS Apparently, nobody cares about your delight right now.

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@FLOTUS Hi Melania,

Do you have a favourite cheese?🧀

Best Wishes and a very Merry Christmas!🎄

Mr Joe Bangles. x

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 3 weeks ago

Over the past 3 years @SecondLady & I have been delighted to join the @RedCross in building comfort kits for our troops deployed overseas during the holiday season. Although we did not pack the kits in person this year, we were happy to carry on this long-standing tradition.

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Hope you make someone’s day! #TuesdayThoughts @rainiemainie @BYU13681 @saferprint @whykatwrites @TheSmartChic @bandsdesignsdm @carolcoppie @TheMerryCrystal @TwoEaglesMom2 @JeanetteJoy @DrMaxineWalters @Hazloe3 @KimInsley @StressFreeKids @confessions_cup @gigirules7

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We Generate Fears While We Sit. We Overcome Them By Action.

#tuesdaymorning #tuesdaythoughts #tuesdaymotivation

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#TuesdayThoughts from Mehmet Baha on four types of failure and how each require a different response as a leader: #Leadership #PsychologicalSafety #Failure

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Watch your favourite movies or catch up with your friends and family in total comfort! Our AC's provide comfortable cooling throughout the year!

#TYSD202N - 1.5T

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Did you know all these trees are to go to make way for 300 Car & 11 bus spaces! Over 23k have said no to @sdublincoco €22m overscaled inappropriately placed #Vanityprohect
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If I were to win Powerball or Megamillions I'd probably be likely to give up #MuskieFishing for an easier hobby like finding Bigfoot but then again, #MuskieFishingBuildsCharacter 💪 .


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