@bchesky Profile picture Brian Chesky


 1 month ago

I've been reaching out to many of the people who supported Airbnb in our earliest days to say thanks. While there are a number of people who believed in us, without Ron Conway, Airbnb wouldn't be what it is today.

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@kachieze Profile picture Kachi Eze


 1 month ago

@usshabb @bchesky I guess yc entry / selection process and training would take a lot of load off their shoulders. No need to re-invent the wheel. @ycombinator is already tested and proven

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@yashar Profile picture Yashar Ali 🐘


 1 month ago

@altcap @bchesky @RonConway Truly no one like Ron.

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 1 month ago

@bchesky Why limit it to YC? If it is truly about economic empowerment, maybe loose that qualification. Thanks for doing this regardless, it will leave the world better 🙏

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@adebelov1 Profile picture Alex Debelov


 1 month ago

@bchesky That is beautiful... and I recall that speech at the Crunchies :)

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@bchesky Thanks for sharing Brian. Some people have greatness thrust on them — and come out shining. All the best!!

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@bchesky @om actually one of your 1st french supporter - did an interview of Joe 9 years ago- congrats on this long way!!!!

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@bchesky Super !

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@altcap Profile picture Brad Gerstner


 1 month ago

@bchesky Brian - thanks for sharing. Truly inspiring - I can think of no higher honor as an investor. @RonConway has long set the bar for humility, partnership, and impact. If you want to upsize the award, count me in. All of us who live / benefit from SV owe a debt to Ron.

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@chrislehane Profile picture Chris Lehane


 1 month ago

@bchesky POWERFUL 😇 @svangel @RonConway @ycombinator @mwseibel

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 1 month ago

@bchesky I love it!

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