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Replying to @FIFAcom: 🥁 Here is the FIFA @FIFPro Men's #World11 2020:

📝 @Alissonbecker, @TrentAA, @SergioRamos, @VirgilvDijk, @AlphonsoDavies, @DeB…

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🥁 Here is the FIFA @FIFPro Men's #World11 2020:

📝 @Alissonbecker, @TrentAA, @SergioRamos, @VirgilvDijk, @AlphonsoDavies, @DeBruyneKev, @Thiago6, Joshua Kimmich, Lionel Messi, @lewy_official and @Cristiano

🤩 What a team!

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Will someone just tell Braunwyn and Sean that sometimes it’s okay, normal, and healthy to be divorced? Why are we pretending this is not weird and complicated for everyone involved #rhoc #RHOCReunion

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Omg braunwyn stop using AA!!!!!! This is driving me insane. One of the traditions is not bringing aa into press radio or film! #rhoc

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Braunwyn has seven kids and the women are shitting on her for having a nanny. Emily you have two and couldn’t handle it. BTW Gina is doing fine with three so? #RHOC

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Andy! Why did you do that to Sean!! Remove at least some cats for my the stage! Sean held his own! But damn!!! #rhoc #rhocreunion

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I have never been so happy for a real housewives season to be over #RHOC

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Sean and Braunwyn need to break the hell up #RHOC

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Sean keeps Braunwyn in the lifestyle she wants to remain in. That’s all. #RHOC #RHOCReunion

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I want Kelly Dodd to say I'm black to the cast of #RHOA


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