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 1 month ago

High key F 2020. Yearly Departed premieres December 30 on Prime Video with this hell of a lineup:


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@PrimeVideo @dopequeenpheebs @RachelBros @TiffanyHaddish @Party_Harderson @natashaleggero @natasharothwell @SarahKSilverman @ziwe Omg! That’s looks so good 😍

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@PrimeVideo @dopequeenpheebs @RachelBros @TiffanyHaddish @Party_Harderson @natashaleggero @natasharothwell @SarahKSilverman @ziwe And @xtina TELL'EM!!!!

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@PrimeVideo @dopequeenpheebs @RachelBros @TiffanyHaddish @Party_Harderson @natashaleggero @natasharothwell @SarahKSilverman @ziwe #Xtina singing #IWillRememberYou 👏👏👏👏 #BestOf2020 #YearlyDeparted 🙌❤

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 3 weeks ago

@PrimeVideo @dopequeenpheebs @RachelBros @TiffanyHaddish @Party_Harderson @natashaleggero @natasharothwell @SarahKSilverman @ziwe

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 3 weeks ago

@PrimeVideo @dopequeenpheebs @RachelBros @TiffanyHaddish @Party_Harderson @natashaleggero @natasharothwell @SarahKSilverman @ziwe

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 3 weeks ago

@PrimeVideo @dopequeenpheebs @RachelBros @TiffanyHaddish @Party_Harderson @natashaleggero @natasharothwell @SarahKSilverman @ziwe That was some funny shit! And having some of the best pipes ever to sing it out- thank you for that Queen @xtina! You capped it off and looking gorgeous!

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 1 month ago

@PrimeVideo @AmazonStudios @dopequeenpheebs @RachelBros @TiffanyHaddish @Party_Harderson @natashaleggero @natasharothwell @SarahKSilverman @ziwe I think anytime someone says "F 2020," @TheAvenueBeat should get a royalty.

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@PrimeVideo @dopequeenpheebs @RachelBros @TiffanyHaddish @Party_Harderson @natashaleggero @natasharothwell @SarahKSilverman @ziwe Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. For this Black woman centered FU to 2020.

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 1 month ago

@PrimeVideo @dopequeenpheebs @RachelBros @TiffanyHaddish @Party_Harderson @natashaleggero @natasharothwell @SarahKSilverman @ziwe LIVING for this lineup 👏👏

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 1 month ago

@PrimeVideo @dopequeenpheebs @RachelBros @TiffanyHaddish @Party_Harderson @natashaleggero @natasharothwell @SarahKSilverman @ziwe That girl though 😂😂😂😂

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