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 1 month ago

Quoted @RayDalio

Along we the great group of folks listed below, I’m pleased to be offering 20,000 @TisBest Charity Gift Cards (at $50 each) for you to donate to your favorite charities.

There are no strings attached. (1/5)

Thank you for this inspired gifting idea!

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 2 weeks ago

@SharrieYates @aplusk They pay the gift card you pick the Charity. It actually works. I spoke to someone who runs the Charity I picked and they were donated the $50. It doesn't cost anything personally. Just a way for the public to pick where the money goes basically

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@aplusk Love this idea.

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 1 month ago

@aplusk So we're to buy the gift card to donate to a charity of our choice? Why not just give the $50 (or more) to ther charity of choice directly?
I'm confused why a "middle man" is needed.

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@aplusk How significant is your #Bitcoin #BTC holding?

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 1 month ago

@aplusk Wish I had seen it earlier 😞😞😞

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 1 month ago

@aplusk thank you for being so sexy

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 1 month ago

@aplusk Be safe Ashton

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 1 month ago

@aplusk Yeah I make $45,000 a year and was able to girt 2 $200 dressers to someone in need. Do better

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@aplusk That's amazing!!
Need more of this

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@aplusk i love you ashton kutcher

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🏀Grant le métronome. Il portera son équipe et fera le job quelque soit le résultat de ce match indécis #MLKDay #nba #NBATwitter #NBA2K21MyTeam #pistons #miamiheat #TeamParieurs

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Out of the Mountain of Despair - a stone of hope . - Martin Luther King JR #happymartinlutherkingday #mlkday #lasvegas #lasvegasevents #eventprofs

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This is such a concrete documenting of wise & challenging #Boston voices in the #bospoli community: @ProRockThrower, @RepLizMiranda, @askimari & @mbobbitt

Four interviews by @tiziana_dearing to honor #MartinLutherKingJr #MartinLutherKingJrDay #MLKDay2021 #MLKDay #MLKDayofService

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"In his books and speeches, he was asking, as philosophers since Plato have, 'What is justice?'— and often coming to surprising answers, such as the need for a radical redistribution of wealth and guaranteed basic income." @tommie_shelby #MLKDay

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Dodger Stadium was closed for #MLKDay because L.A. County fears being painted as #Racist more than they fear for peoples lives.
#COVID19 #Racism #Woke

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I was watching @TheDailyShow's "The Wrong Way to Do MLK Day | The Daily Show Throwback," and included in the video is a story from @NABJ/@GreaterCincyABJ's @WalterReports (now at @Local12 and adjunct at @nku_informatics). Start at 2:37.


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Here's #MilfordGraves and #JoeMcPhee tearing it up: . #MLKDay

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