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Knowing your neighbors may be more important than you think. Loneliness researchers in partnership with @nextdoor found that knowing as few as 6 neighbors can lead to a decrease in loneliness and social anxiety. #covid19

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@megmarsant333 @aplusk @Nextdoor 😳 I can support that as being a plus, for sure.

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@aplusk @Nextdoor 6 neighbors is not a few, but it would be nice to have a neighbor that doesn’t try to hit me with their car as I get my mail.

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@aplusk @Nextdoor Ha, thanks kelso. I’m doing fine on my own.

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@aplusk @Nextdoor Always get to know your community. So much to be gained by creating unity.

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@aplusk @Nextdoor I ain't trying to know none of these niggas

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@aplusk @Nextdoor Love you❤❤🤟

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@aplusk @Nextdoor It’s the golden rule

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@aplusk @Nextdoor love you ashton kutcher

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That ‘20s Show Episode 5

Abe’s mom found out he failed all his classes for the first semester. Watch to find out how the gang talks him through this one.

Full Ep:

Full Series:

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I could not agree more with this:


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#BeGone, Slovenian racist mail-order call girl, Putin's troll.

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Pettiness knows no bounds when it comes to a Trump.
@IvankaTrump @EricTrump @DonaldJTrumpJr @POTUS

#BeGone #Pettiness #Impeachment

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