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Quoted @RobynCurnowCNN

“We need to do a good job of regulating this technology so it's not abused,” @aplusk Co-Founder @thorn says of the EU vote on online child sex abuse law. “Most importantly we need to protect the privacy of these kids. They didn't consent to their abuse being shared online.”

The right decision was made today by the EU legislators. Now we get to work crafting the best solution for the future and finding these kids and their abusers.

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@pngirl @aplusk Totally 👍 Thanks for raising awareness on such an important issue 🙏

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@aplusk Big brother pretending to be Santa Claus after a fresh romp on Epstein's Lolita express.😎

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@aplusk Yes!! 🤍

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@aplusk I met Ashton and he and his wife are awesome thank you for what you do

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@aplusk 🙌🙌🙌🙌

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@aplusk Keep up the Great Work Ashton!

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@aplusk Yes, we must!

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🗣Arteta sur Özil :

« Mesut est en Turquie, il subit un examen médical qui doit être terminé maintenant. Ses qualités nous manqueront. C'est un joueur très spécial qui a eu une très grande histoire ici à Arsenal. »


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@iam_philopearl @premierleague @Aubameyang7 He’s happy, this Celebration proofs he’s ready to keep scoring @Aubameyang7 #coyg

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@backagain @DaMidgetZimbo @TroopzAFC My GUYS 🤘🏽💫❤️ #COYG

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Great 2nd half. So nice to see the Young Guns continue to impress. #AFC @Arsenal #ARSNEW #COYG

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#Arsenal vs Newcastle - Match Review

Player Ratings | My Thoughts | Key Moments | Man of The Match

Let me know your thoughts and how you think #Arsenal played? #COYG #TheArsenalFamily🔴⚪️

Link below:

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3 goals 💪3 points💪 clean sheet💪💪💪
#YaGunnersYa #COYG #aubameyang #cedric #ARSNEW

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