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Quoted @jgebbia

Today we launch . An independent nonprofit inspired by the actions of a single host and the generosity of thousands of others who have opened their doors to people when they need it most. Join us at .

Keep leading with your hearts!🙌

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@aplusk Seriously? Airbnb is destroying neighborhoods and taking away affordable housing? Why are you playing into their PR stunts? You don’t need the money.

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 1 month ago

@aplusk How about a program to help provide affordable housing for local residents who are pushed out by greedy Airbnb hosts turning their city’s housing stock into short term tourist rentals?

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@aplusk God bless these ppl who are blessing others. Our world needs more pplwith hearts like this

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@aplusk Đừng phàn nàn, đừng đổ lỗi.

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 1 month ago

@jgebbia @aplusk I recently came across your seed pitch deck, it's amazing to see how far things have progressed with AirBNB😌

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@aplusk Thx 4 showing the way!

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 1 month ago

@aplusk Thanks for the support and love, since the early days of Airbnb!

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@aplusk @aplusk I have been trying to reach out to you, hope you notice me❤️

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@aplusk I’m confused what is this

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That ‘20s Show Episode 5

Abe’s mom found out he failed all his classes for the first semester. Watch to find out how the gang talks him through this one.

Full Ep:

Full Series:

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Fast pass to Rise of the Resistance?



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The Classless Obamas n Bidens used false information and FISA warrants to get an investigation started on The Trumps prior to his inauguration then lied about it, so there's that.

Glad they #BeGone and Melania the Rose Garden looks fabulous.

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@ReallyAmerican1 @Jamie_Wisconsin We don't want your kind in Congress. Hawley and Cruz #BeGone.

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