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 1 month ago

Quoted @nowme_datta

I think this is my favourite piece on #TheFabulousLives. The journalist actually spoke to a clinical psychologist to understand why it is totally ok to like the show 😁 and you don't need to feel guilty. @LazyEpicurean @aneeshabaig @manumaharshi

A must read! The psychology of “guilty pleasure” #FabulousLives ...a show that is resulting in all kinds of conversations !

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 1 month ago

@DrewBrew @karanjohar They are not jobless. They have their businesses. If u go to Mumbai, u can visit their stores

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 1 month ago

@cookiekrishi @karanjohar U guys still watching his show n movie!!? Unbelievable Man!!!

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@karanjohar It’s even more ridiculous than Indian Matchmaking on Netflix. Fake accents, jobless women who are talking about the most vain things in life. And btw these wives actually talk about the struggle of their children 😂😂

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@karanjohar overall if someone wants to be part of reality show and show that their lives are fabulous, I would pity them, their lives are not fabulous at all. Just call it struggle of wannabe superstar wives to become more famous.

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 1 month ago

@karanjohar So u r quitting from koffee with karan...😁😂😂😂
And psychology...look who is talking

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 1 month ago

@karanjohar Gosh...it seemed like a travelling show..a tour to Dubai 🤪

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 1 month ago

@karanjohar Imagine, you need a psychological consultantation to like the show 😂

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 1 month ago

@karanjohar Is it a hint that you want to come back?

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 1 month ago

@karanjohar Your content : 🤮🤮🤮

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