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 1 month ago

Sevilla 0-4 Chelsea: Olivier Giroud scores four to put Blues top of group

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 1 month ago

@BBCNews If he was trying to tell his manager something, I think got his message across very clearly.

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It's my shopping bag! #Caturday

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📌 Here’s to friends that stand in your corner. Great folks to follow #Caturday cc: 😻 @EvanKirstel 😻 @TamaraMcCleary 😻 @sallyeaves 😻 @Victoryabro 😻 @DrJDrooghaag 😻 @JolaBurnett 😻 @fogle_shane 😻 @TylerCohenWood 😻 @archonsec

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I got a new couch yesterday but it apparently isn't mine on #caturday

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Absolutely nothing. That's the plan for this National Nothing Day Caturday. #NationalNothingDay #Caturday #CCLCaturday #cats #nothing #EducateEngageEnrich

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Jazz up your play session with a #catnip chew toy. Not only is catnip fun for your feline, their antics can be entertaining for you to watch too! 🐾 #Caturday

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UPDATE: He reached his goal and found his family!

Hermes' top tip for 2021: ✨ ALWAYS REACH FOR THE STARS ✨

Meet Hermes, a 3-month-old kitten, at HSNEGA’s Adoption Center Tues-Sun 12-6 pm. View all of HSNEGA’s adoptable rescues at .


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