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 1 month ago

Ivanka Trump, US President Trump's daughter and adviser, sat for a deposition with investigators from the Washington, DC, attorney general's office as part of its lawsuit alleging the misuse of inaugural funds, according to a court filing

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 1 month ago

@cnni Childish family and friends all calling themselves senior advisers.

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 1 month ago

@cnni The clock is ticking, rich girl.....Nobody is above the law!

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 1 month ago

@cnni Daddy’s pardon can’t come fast enough

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 1 month ago

@cnni The party is over & the brand is ruined princess.
I will never forget your role this past 4 years.
I'm guessing I'm not alone in this.

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 1 month ago

@cnni Like father like daughter

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@cnni Princess Vanky surely remembers that Stephanie Winston Wolkoff kept records and took notes throughout the grifting of Donald’s inaugural and Wolkoff raised a lot of questions four years ago about where the money went. She’s been deposed too.

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 1 month ago

@cnni Bet she “couldn’t recall” stuff.

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@cnni Plz! Enough Trumps! No more Trumps!🚛🧳🦵

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@cnni Where there’s Smoke there’s Fire, and she is so guilty her knickers are melting.

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As much as I try not to be a Browns fan, (too much heartbreak) old habits die hard! Go get ‘em Brownies! #wewantmore

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“Only way that you’re ahead of me’s alphabetically, cause if you diss me I’m comin after you like the letter v” #DawgCheck #WeWantMore #BROWNS

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