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 1 month ago

The "Beauty and the Beast" star dismissed claims that he purposely stayed quiet about his sexuality.

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@MlburekMonica @HuffPost Exactly smh.

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@IrcoboMartial @HuffPost Anyone who is not a cis, white, straight male is held to stricter standards of behaviour, always.

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@HuffPost If he says he is gay, it is an issue. If he does not, it is an issue. So, basically, the problem is that he is gay?

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@HuffPost Why is this even news? Are we living in the 1950’s? His body, his life, his news to share with whomever he wants to.

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@HuffPost We don’t ask straight people about why they aren’t more open about being straight, why would we think we have the right to ask gay people why they aren’t more open about being gay? The fact that this even needs to be a conversation is sad.

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 1 month ago

@HuffPost And this matters why? Leave people’s sexuality alone - it’s there’s and not for discussion by anyone

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 1 month ago

@HuffPost It’s entirely his business, nobody has the right to judge.

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@HuffPost Right on for Evans. This reminds me of the young female actor who specifically said “no” to a fan requested video. What happened to privacy rights? Isn’t an actor allowed to maintain their privacy, do they all have to “come out” to prove their sexual preferences?

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@HuffPost Always someone waiting in the wings to cause drama.

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 1 month ago

@HuffPost But why should he be pressured to come out anyway. When you’re ready, you’re ready..

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#Caturday Bella and Whiskey really like their Christmas gift 🧡🤍

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We are at “I built a parish church for my cat” stage of the pandemic. Welcome to Saint Joseph-in-the-Living-Room. #Caturday #CatHolic

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Qui est contente de prendre le temps samedi matin de lire @LeDevoir et les articles fascinants de @AShields_Devoir sur la protection de la faune par le @GREMM_ #beluga #environnement #Caturday

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It’s #Caturday! Throwback to the day we closed our garage door to discover that our cat liked to sleep on top of the open garage door. It looked something like this for about 2 seconds. Don’t worry SHE’S FINE. 8 lives left and plenty of catlife left in her to tease her puppy.

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Happy #Caturday !! Here’s my twin sister cats (a thread)

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